Why Jalen Hurts Sucks

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For the Philadelphia Eagles to contend for the NFC East title, Jalen Hurts needs to play better. There are a lot of reasons to be disappointed in the rookie quarterback. He doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball well and makes bad decisions. He also doesn’t have good pass protection. These are just some of the reasons why he sucks. There are a few other reasons why Hurts isn’t a top NFL quarterback.

Jalen Hurts has the worst season of any quarterback in NFL history

The fact that Jalen Hurts has the worst record of any quarterback in NFL history is surprising, but not all is bad. It’s not that he’s not good, but he’s not as good as Brady. The two have contrasting styles, but in general, they’re both good. And the Patriots are a great team. But if Brady can be considered the best quarterback in NFL history, how can you expect Jalen Hurts to be a good one?

In his rookie season, Hurts finished with a 12-17-1 record. He finished with a 52 percent completion rate. As a starter, he posted a 1-3 record with a 1-3 record. In his sophomore season, he was only able to complete 26 of his 35 passes for 264 yards and three touchdowns. While it was not his best season, it was a solid start.

The next year, Hurts is due for a new season. He’s a dual-threat quarterback. He’s already a high-floor candidate for fantasy owners, but if he continues to develop chemistry with his receivers, he could rise to the top of many quarterback rankings. But the question is, will he be the best quarterback? Only time will tell, but we can speculate.

In his second season, Hurts was one of the most disappointing players in the league. His three interception game in Week 12 against the Philadelphia Eagles is the worst of his career. In fact, the Giants may have made the playoffs if they beat the Eagles, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the Jets sacked head coach Joe Judge two months later.

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He lacks arm strength

If you’re a football fan, you know that the best quarterbacks don’t have huge arm strengths. However, there are some things to consider that can help you get the most out of your quarterback. You want to know if Jalen has the arm strength to be a high-quality NFL quarterback. He will also need to develop his pocket presence and read defenses.

A poor throw can be the result of bad mechanics, poor processing, and average arm strength. It can also be a result of poor timing. Hurts doesn’t look comfortable throwing the ball. In fact, he looks uncomfortable in his stance before tossing the ball. That’s a clear sign that he’s struggling to throw the football. A quarterback without arm strength is going to have trouble running an offense.

As an elite athlete, Jalen Hurts is a dual-threat quarterback. Last season, he accounted for 3,144 passing yards and 784 rushing yards. He also accounted for 10 QB rushing touchdowns. That ratio is underwhelming, but he led the Philadelphia Eagles to a wild card playoff spot. A player with this combination of skills, athleticism, and experience will make an excellent NFL quarterback.

In addition to arm strength, Hurts’ decision-making will be an important factor this season. Against a defense like Clemson, Hurts had a hard time completing deep throws. He was also forced to pass 31 times in a single game against Alabama. As a result, Hurts will have to improve his decision-making in big moments.

He makes poor decisions on throws

If you’ve been following the Auburn Tigers, you’ve probably noticed the inconsistency of the offense. The offense struggled to keep up with SEC opponents this season. And with Max Smith out with an injury, Jalen Whitlow struggled as a starter. While he missed a few throws, Jalen’s decision-making in the pocket left the Tigers with a 5-7 record.

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A typical Hurts throw begins by looking for a post route, but the safety in man coverage is covering the post route, and Hurts makes a bad decision on the throw. He will likely look at the post before settling for the out route. And once he gets the ball, he will throw it off a single hitch, instead of a post route.

While Hurts regressed during the first half against Tampa, he was more effective after the halftime break. He was able to rally the team and make the score palatable in garbage time. But Hurts struggled early against the run defense, as he had throughout his swoon in the early part of the season. He also often left the pocket too early, missing out on potential big plays. Additionally, Hurts struggled with accuracy, and his passes were often high and wide.

Another concern is Hurts’ decision-making. Although he has a strong arm, he lacks confidence in making quick decisions. He has also struggled to read opposing looks and time throws well early in games. This has to change if he wants to be a viable quarterback in 2022. Hopefully, he will develop as a decision-maker and improve his accuracy.

He lacks pass protection

When the Eagles were down 20-3 in the third quarter, they looked to regain their footing, but the defense came up short. The Jets did not sack McNabb once, and the Eagles had just three QB hits. Then, Green Bay scored. That’s not how you win a championship. Pass protection is an essential part of a quarterback’s game, and McNabb needs it to be effective.

He has inconsistent footwork

Is Jalen Rose’s footwork hurting him? Yes, it is. But Rose has consistently struggled to make the most of his explosiveness. He hasn’t made the most of his speed and has lost some control when throwing. He needs to slow down and learn how to play with more control. If he wants to make the most of his talent, he will have to focus on his footwork.

It is no secret that Hurts has improved his accuracy and deep ball, but his poor accuracy and footwork still hinder his success. Several respected reporters, including Derrick Gunn of JAKIB Media, highlighted Hurts’ inconsistency in a recent appearance on a show called Sports Take. Hurts’ performance in one scenario is a perfect example.