Joel Embiid Out of Game 5 With Torn Meniscus

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Embiid suffered a small lateral tear in his right meniscus

Joel Embiid will not play Wednesday night’s Game 5 against the Washington Wizards after suffering a small lateral meniscus tear in his right knee during the first quarter of Monday’s game. The Philadelphia 76ers forward has undergone a series of tests and is expected to miss the rest of the series. Embiid is listed as day-to-day after undergoing a physical therapy session. The injury is not a serious one, but the next step is a complete recovery.

The Sixers have not commented on the nature of the tear yet, but Embiid has said he is “day-to-day” on their official injury report. The NBA is yet to announce the date of Embiid’s surgery, but it is expected to occur during the offseason. It is too early to declare dire consequences for Embiid. The Philadelphia 76ers will likely continue to manage the injury through the playoffs. Embiid could play through the injury and lead the team to its first NBA Finals since 2001.

If Embiid were to have surgery, it would require multiple weeks or months of recovery. A lateral tear in the meniscus can take weeks or months to heal. While it can heal on its own, it can cause significant pain and swelling. While Embiid may be able to play through the pain and swelling, he is at risk of aggravating his injury.

Joel Embiid has had to deal with the potential of losing his career in the first round of the playoffs. Even if he has recovered from his other knee injury, his presence will be critical for Philly’s hopes. He averaged 28.5 points and 10.6 rebounds in the regular season and finished with the best record in the Eastern Conference. The Sixers have high hopes for Embiid’s postseason comeback, but they will have to prove that he’s 100 percent healthy before the game.

Embiid suffered the injury in the fourth quarter of Game 4 against the Wizards after a defensive rebound from Robin Lopez. He lost his balance on the way down, landed hard on his back and grazed his right knee before going to the locker room. The next time he returns to the game, he would return to the court to assess the injury.

Embiid missed four games after the All-Star break

Joel Embiid is fighting through a meniscus tear. Although the injury may not require surgery, it can cause swelling and pain. While it’s possible to play through it, this could aggravate the problem. The meniscus acts as a shock absorber for the knee. Without it, a player will experience difficulty jumping, accelerating, and even landing from a jump.

Embiid was initially limited to 10 games following the All-Star break due to knee tendinitis, but was able to return to the lineup a few days later. The injury did not affect Embiid’s scoring, though. He missed Game 3 due to soreness in his knee. However, he did not miss another game for the rest of the postseason.

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A small tear in the meniscus is the most common cause of injury to a player. Embiid has been undergoing rehab for his injury, but he has not been expected to play in Game 5 against the Washington Wizards. On January 20th, Embiid’s knee took a hard fall on his way to the basket. Embiid was down on his back and had to lay down.

The newest injury to Embiid’s knee is his second serious injury. He broke the same bone in his left orbital bone in 2015, and missed eight games during the regular season and two games in the opening round playoff series with the Miami Heat. His latest injury, however, left him less than 100 percent for the rest of the season and the first two NBA Playoffs.

Embiid’s absence from the playoffs could end Philly’s title hopes. The Sixers played well with Embiid missing just a handful of games. During the regular season, he averaged 28.5 points and 10.6 rebounds. His absence in Game 4 could put them out of contention for the Eastern Conference title. Embiid is also battling tendinitis and a bone bruise earlier this season.

Joel Embiid will have surgery on March 22. His injury occurred in practice in January, but sources with the Sixers have denied Stein’s report. Sixers doctors say Embiid will be back to practice by the summer. They are confident that he will be in the lineup by that point. So, if you’re wondering if Joel Embiid tore his meniscus, here’s what you should know: he’ll be back to playing basketball in June.

Embiid will miss four more games after the All-Star break

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly preparing to play without their star center Joel Embiid, who is expected to miss four more games after the All-Star Break with a torn meniscus. The team hasn’t said when Embiid will return to the court, but he is considered day-to-day. It is unclear if Embiid’s return will depend on how he deals with pain and swelling.

Joel Embiid’s injury history is a long one. He’s missed 21 games in his first two seasons, and now he’s missing at least four games after the All-Star break with a torn meniscus in his left knee. The 76ers initially reported Embiid suffered a bruise and bone bruise. That was concerning news given that a bruise can lead to a fracture. However, they later backed down and said that Embiid suffered a minor meniscus tear.

Joel Embiid’s injury is a significant blow for the 76ers. As the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Sixers are expected to make a run for the NBA title this season. If Embiid doesn’t return quickly, the Sixers could face a long road to the NBA Finals. Embiid is the only player on the roster who can bring an MVP caliber performance.

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The injury will be a setback for Embiid’s NBA career, but it doesn’t have to be an entirely dismal one. In fact, Embiid has proven his versatility this season and has played through nagging injuries. Though his total missed games this season is a bit misleading, given his limited playing time and lack of minutes, only one of them were actually due to an injury. He was a late scratch for the Sixers’ road loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Dec. 13, but he has also missed two scheduled rest days and nine games due to COVID-19.

Joel Embiid’s absence from the All-Star break comes at a time when the 76ers are in desperate need of star power. Joel Embiid has been in the best shape of his life and is on an injury-maintenance schedule since his last season. In addition to missing four playoff games, he has also missed the final eight games of the regular season and has not yet returned to the court.

Embiid may be able to return to play after this type of meniscus tear

Although Joel Embiid’s injury is a partial tear, he has demonstrated excellent recovery capabilities. The 76ers are still hopeful Embiid can return to the court after this type of meniscus tear, as he was able to run during a pregame workout before Game 5. However, it’s crucial to note that he will need to monitor the pain and swelling, as well as his overall health.

The severity of this injury is unknown, but in most cases, a tear of this type can heal on its own. Most injuries occur in the outer third of the meniscus, which receives the most blood supply. However, if the tear does not heal on its own, doctors will consider surgery. The initial treatment for menisci injuries is RICE, or rest, ice frequently, compression bandage, elevation, and compression. The RICE protocol requires that the injured knee is elevated above heart level for four days. Corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory drugs may also be prescribed.

In most cases, players who suffer from a meniscus tear are able to return to the court after five to six weeks. However, the first three weeks are the most difficult for the athlete. If Embiid is able to manage the pain, swelling, and inflammation, he may be able to play through the pain. The Philadelphia 76ers are also weighing getting an MRI to see if Embiid will be able to return to the court after this type of meniscus tear.

Joel Embiid will be able to return to the court after a meniscus tear. He suffered a bone bruise in the same knee during the regular season but he isn’t out of the postseason. In fact, Wojnarowski reported on Monday that Embiid would play in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks.

Although Embiid’s meniscus is torn, he has not undergone surgery. This means that he can play in the Sixers-Heat series, as long as he hasn’t been forced to play with a custom mask. Embiid’s injury has been a problem for years, but he has made it through and even went as far as to wear a Phantom of the Opera costume during his playoff debut.