Joel Embiid Dunks John Collins

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In a recent article about Embiid and Collins, we saw a clip where Embiid yelled at the Hawks’ bench, “You guys suck! You can’t get on TNT!” Afterward, we see what happened next: Collins dunked on Embiid. We also learn a little about the relationship between the two.

Embiid yelled at Hawks: “You guys suck! You guys can’t even get on TNT!”

Embiid has feuded with the Atlanta Hawks, and he’s not the only one who’s got a beef with the team. John Collins is also a part of that feud, and it’s no surprise that he’s not happy about it. When the Hawks traded Anderson to Atlanta, Embiid called him up and told him to join the “rebuilding” team.

In February 2020, Embiid took Collins to the cleaners, and the slugfest lasted nearly three minutes. In the first half of the game, Embiid scored 49 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. He was so angry at Collins that he was yelling at him the entire time. The game was televised live on TNT, and Embiid was clearly fuming.

While Embiid is a true professional, the Atlanta Hawks haven’t been able to convince him to play the next day. Towns, in particular, wanted to sit out the game because the Minnesota Timberwolves were playing Atlanta the next day. Simmons laughed at the joke. Embiid’s rant was one of the sparks that lit the fires in the Sixers organization this offseason.

In addition to the injury to Okongwu, the Hawks also lacked a strong inside presence. They were forced to rely on John Collins on the perimeter. Collins was effective in this role and was trusted by coach Nate McMillan. He played well on the outside with Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari, proving his versatility.

Collins dunks on Embiid

During the Game 6 postgame press conference, John Collins showed up to speak with reporters wearing a dunk shirt. He also was sporting sunglasses indoors and a chain from “The Boondocks.” In case you missed it, John Collins is a restricted free agent this summer and he likely wanted to show off his new found fame. The Atlanta Hawks are currently the 11th seed in the Eastern Conference and have struggled to make the playoffs.

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The dunking on Embiid was so incredible that it had to be seen to be believed. Most fans could only understand the dunk when they saw a replay of the play. As it turns out, Embiid was chatting trash right before the dunk. Embiid was also given a technical foul. But the dunk was not just the highlight of the night for the Atlanta Hawks.

With 30 seconds left, Joel Embiid drained a three in Collins’ face. But Collins, still wasn’t done. He paraded down the court holding his hand to his ear, much like Hulk Hogan had done in the 1990s. As the Sixers were running out the clock, Collins got involved in a scuffle. Embiid walked back to Collins with his arms out as if he was trying to intimidate him.

The NBA fined Embiid $35,000 for the postseason altercation, but no other players were penalized. This is a clear sign of how the NBA views this process. The NBA’s unapologetic attitude toward the whole process is not going to change anytime soon. It is still an important part of the game. The Sixers are a top team, so they have a great chance of winning the title.

A John Collins dunk on Joel Embiid will win you game 6 and advance to the conference finals. If you’re an Atlanta Hawks fan, you’ve seen Collins’ performance against the 76ers. A great Dunk of the Playoff contender, John Collins is a worthy candidate for Dunk of the Playoff. If he does it again, he’ll likely be the first player in history to win the award.

While Collins’ dunks on Embiid made a big impact against the Sixers, his role as an all-around player has changed. Previously, Collins was known for his rim-running ability, but this season he was forced to play more on the perimeter, putting him more in the hands of the opposing team. In other words, he’s now an all-around player who is a key factor in making the Hawks compete in the Eastern Conference finals.

Embiid’s relationship with the Sixers

The latest chapter in Joel Embiid’s tumultuous relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers continued with an appearance on “JJ Redick Show” during a podcast. The two discussed Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers’ relationship. Both said they understood the frustration fans felt when Simmons refused to take jump shots. Embiid also lauded the Sixers’ fan base, calling them “the best in the world.”

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Although the Sixers are still the Eastern Conference’s No. 1 seed for the NBA Playoffs, Embiid’s team is not a lock to win a championship. It is highly unlikely they’ll make the NBA Finals despite the presence of LeBron James, Luka Doncic, and Kyrie Irving. And, of course, there’s always the Boston Celtics, who may wait until the offseason to send Embiid home without a ring. Embiid is still focused on winning a championship, but he’s also focused on being with his son and girlfriend.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ relationship with Joel Embiid may not be over yet, but it’s unlikely to be sour. Embiid and Joel Morey will need to meet and discuss the Sixers’ offseason plans. However, the Sixers are not likely to make another championship run this season, so the controversy may just be a matter of time. And if the Sixers are again unable to win a championship this season, Embiid’s patience may be worn thin.

In the meantime, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons’ relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers is in shambles. The NBA player has yet to speak to Simmons since his trade deadline, and his relationship with the team has been strained. Embiid has made it clear that he doesn’t want to deal with Simmons’ drama as long as the two are still teammates.

As a result, Embiid’s relationship with Morey remains intact. The Sixers’ executive team has assembled a solid regular season team, but hasn’t replicated that success in the playoffs. It’s unclear whether or not Embiid will re-sign with Harden, who turned down his player option and has since become an unrestricted free agent. Regardless, Embiid’s relationship with the Sixers will be important this offseason.

In the last two seasons, Embiid has grown into one of the best players in the N.B.A. He has been a key member of the Sixers’ success and is now considered a contender for the NBA MVP award. However, Embiid’s relationship with the Sixers has strained as he’s dealt with injuries. If he doesn’t play, the Sixers’ chances of winning the championship are slim.

Despite the tumultuous relationship with Ben Simmons, the center has not been publicly critical of the young superstar’s marriage to model Anne de Paula. While they’ve avoided criticizing each other, they were candid in their social media posts, saying that the couple shared many things in common. However, their relationship will be tested as the new couple continues to work out their relationship. Aside from the Sixers’ new star is now in the midst of a preseason tour of China.