Jay Z’s Twitter Page Hacked

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Several celebrities recently had their Twitter pages hacked, including Hilary Duff, Scott Disick, and Ashley Tisdale. While some of the messages on these pages were similar, Jay Z’s are entirely different in terms of style and substance. Gossip Cop has contacted the singer for comment. Here are a few things to look out for when attempting to hack someone’s account.

OG account hacked

An OG account of Jay Z was hacked on Twitter yesterday. The account was stolen by someone called “Lucky”, who had no access to it while it was being hijacked. The hackers also stole @B’s account. During the hijacking, someone began tweeting pictures of Twitter’s internal tools panel. Twitter later removed the tweets and temporarily suspended both accounts. The OG accounts are often used by shady characters to gain access to valuable social media accounts.

The FBI’s warning about the hack highlights the increasingly blurred lines between law enforcement, entertainment, and cybersecurity. The hacking was reportedly connected to a lawsuit filed by Jay Z’s former business partner, Parlux Fragrances, in relation to a cologne contract. The rapper allegedly broke the terms of the contract by failing to promote its product. As a result, the account was likely compromised in order to make a profit from his fragrances.

OG account hacked by j0e

TechCrunch has linked the OG account hacks to a user known as “Kirk.” A member of the underground forum called OGUsers told the news website that Kirk had access to Twitter’s admin tool and started by selling vanity accounts for $250. He then reportedly started stealing more accounts, eventually obtaining over $100,000. While the hack didn’t affect any high-profile accounts, it was a significant enough scandal to warrant an investigation.

The hackers used a Twitter panel to hijack OG accounts, which has more than eighty-five million followers. The hackers were also known as Chuckling Squad and ‘Lol’. Investigators were able to link the accounts to emails and Coinbase accounts to trace the hackers. The hackers also made it possible to identify Fazeli through his real name and driver’s license number.

Interestingly, Lucky225’s account was stolen around the same time as @6. It is not clear how long this hack occurred, but the user was not accessible at the time of the hack. He then posted screenshots of tweets he had posted from his hacked OG accounts. The hackers also purportedly paid a Twitter employee to steal OG users’ information. The hacker’s motives are still unclear.

Despite the huge breach, OGusers has been restored from a backup from January 2019 – a time when the hacker didn’t know anyone had been hacking their account. As the hacker’s reputation spread, he resold the stolen user database to others for hundreds of dollars. OGusers users have been flooded with threads on the breach, with some of them worried that their accounts were compromised.

The hacking community has been obsessed with “OG” Twitter handles. Hundreds of high profile accounts were hacked after hackers sent spam messages promising double the money they had spent. While the majority of accounts have been restored to their owners, one bitcoin address linked to the hacker’s Twitter account has gotten more than $180,000. Twitter has blocked access to the account and has taken down the fake posts.

OG account hacked by dead

The OG account of Jay Z was hacked by a group of hackers who referred to themselves as the “Community.” These hacker groups consist of young people who never worked a real job and grew up in a virtual world. They took advantage of this rip in the fabric of the internet to gain access to wealth. They are suspected of stealing thousands of dollars from OG accounts.

The ringleader of the OG account scam, ‘Kirk’, has not been identified by the media and is unknown in the hacking community. ‘Kirk’ was spotted using the same wallet for lower level scams as well as higher-level attacks on celebrity accounts. Three investigators confirmed that ‘Kirk’ used the same wallet for these attacks. Despite the fact that ‘Kirk’ has reportedly vanished, he has not yet been caught. According to three separate investigations, the hacker has already gotten away with $180,000 in Bitcoin and has since gotten banned from Twitter.

OG account hacked by plugwalkjoe

Hackers have been attempting to hack rare Twitter accounts since at least April of last year. Many of these hackers have employed malicious and annoying pestering tactics, social engineering and even forceful measures such as swatting. Despite the recent reports, these hacking attempts have not gone unnoticed. Various articles about the theft of rare Twitter handles have been published by Brian Krebs, Joseph Cox and others.

The hacker behind the attack is known as ‘Kirk’. The hacker was identified after a member of an underground gaming forum in the UK told the news outlet that he had access to a Twitter admin tool. He initially sold vanity accounts on OGUsers forums and allegedly earned $100,000 within hours. The hacker’s account has since been suspended, but the investigators obtained screenshots of his Discord chats to prove he is indeed the hacker.

The hacker also hacked another popular Twitter account: @6. This Twitter account was hacked around the same time as the “B” account. The owner of this account began tweeting screenshots of Twitter’s internal tools panel. Twitter removed the tweets and temporarily suspended the account. A number of other popular Twitter accounts have been hacked by PlugWalkJoe, and this account is now a prime target.

The hacker is still under investigation. Although the federal criminal complaint does not name him, Addison Rae has 82 million followers. She revealed the hack on July 11 and was hit with a $50k fine. The hacker, who also went by the online handle PlugWalkJoe, was found guilty of cyberstalking, sending extortive messages and intentionally accessing the hacked account. Rae has denied any wrongdoing.

According to the New York Times, the hacker was a member of an underground forum called OGUsers. He purchased OG accounts with rare usernames. One of his previous boasts was that he had “dead” and “j0e”. He then allegedly showed the employee how to access these rare handles. The OG account was hacked by a hacker called plugwalkjoe.