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You may have heard about the Ben Shapiro vs. Joe Rogan podcast and wonder if it’s worth listening to. You can find out by reading this article. This article will help you decide whether you’d like to listen to the podcasts. The podcasts are very popular and are full of great content. In addition, they have a wide range of topics to talk about.

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The Joe Rogan and Leah Remini podcast is back and better than ever. The podcast hosts talk about everything from celebrity weight loss to cults, and Remini even discusses her time as a member of the Church of Scientology. Her harrowing experiences in the cult helped her become an outspoken critic of the religion. In addition to addressing the problems with Scientology, Remini also offers a new perspective on how to deal with the consequences of such a cult.

While in the Church, Leah Remini was removed for criminal misconduct, and her movie career suffered as a result. After the conclusion of her hit show, The King of Queens, her career sputtered. She used this to her advantage, creating a new starring role as the bitter enemy of her former religion on the popular daytime show The Talk. She has also made several guest appearances on her former co-host Chelsea Handler’s talk show.

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Leaving the Church of Scientology was not easy for Remini, but she has never looked back. The actress has been a vocal critic of the religion, and she appeared on The Joe Rogan Podcast in January 2017. Remini discussed her time as a member of the church, including her attempts to become a devout member. She wrote reports on celebrities such as Tom Cruise, who she believed was not setting a good example for others.

The Spotify platform is home to Joe Rogan’s star podcast, which has been in the spotlight since September 2020. However, the podcast has been a major source of public outrage. In response to the accusations, the streaming service removed dozens of episodes from its service. The company has also pulled music from Spotify after accusations of using racial slurs. They have a policy regarding hate speech and are urging podcast users to respect it.

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Leah Remini is an American actress, author, and comedian. You can also catch her on her A&E documentary series, The Leah Remini Show. She is known for her witty and humorous remarks, which often make for great listens. If you enjoy hearing her tell tales of real-life experiences, be sure to subscribe to her podcast.

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Ben Shapiro vs Ben Rogan

In this episode of Joe Rogan and Leah Remini’s podcast, Ben Shapiro, a conservative politician, spars with Joe about a wide range of social issues. Shapiro is known for being extremely logical, putting facts before feelings, and Joe Rogan has said that Shapiro is refreshing. In the interview, Shapiro outlines the problems with the left and presents counter arguments against their positions.

Joe Rogan and Leah Remini’s Joe Rogan and Leah Remini show also feature a recurring guest named Uncle “Joe” who has made numerous appearances on the podcast. Uncle Joey looks like a supporting character from “The Sopranos.” His opinions on the world are surprisingly frank and he is a good source of interesting stories. As a Cuban-American growing up in New Jersey, Uncle Joey has seen many strange things.

The Joe Rogan and Leah Remini show hosts two popular comedians and a martial artist. While he is known for being hilarious and engaging, Rogan sometimes imposes his own beliefs on his guests. Nevertheless, he is open and intellectual with his guests and tries to guide them in the right direction. A good listener can appreciate both sides.

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Leah Remini and Joe Rogers have been working together for more than a decade now, so it was only fitting that the two actresses would team up again. Their friendship is one of the reasons why they have been successful. However, they don’t always get along, and the occasional conflict can lead to some heated exchanges. So, in this episode, they discuss some of their favorite moments from their time together.