What the fuck man. Even Marc Zumoff has had enough of Ben Simmons.

You know when someone is such a constant in your life you think they’re going to be there forever? That was Marc Zumoff. Since I remember watching the Sixers he’s been the only thing that remained the same. The Sixers without Zumoff is like the Dodgers without Vin Scully. Kinda selfish on Marc to not give us a whole season to get acclimated. He could’ve gone on a retirement tour like Derek Jeter and received gifts like commemorative boots from the Rockets and a Sixers commemorative kayak from the Pelicans.

I mean what the fuck Marc. Would’ve been nice to know when I was going to hear the last “turning garbage into gold” or “YESSSSS” to savor the moment. Total Andy Bernard ‘I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol days’ feeling.

Instead now I have to put on a brave face and act like this isn’t affecting me. Because like Slim Charles said the thing about the old days is they the old days.

What a career by Marc Zumoff. 18x Mid-Atlantic Emmy award winner for Best Broadcaster. Listened by everyone from you to Kendall Jenner.

Happy moments and sad moments.

The dude could make dribbling basketballs sound exciting.

Hope and Marc Zumoff got us through a 9-73 season and it sucks he won’t be along for the ride when Joel Embiid and Damian Lillard are the best PnR combo in the league next year.

If you need me I’m going to be walking around the house saying Zoo catchphrases like I’m some Sixers announcing action figure.