It looks like Mike Scott knows his time in Philly is over with free agency approaching because he just started spamming Instagram with multiple 30 pic collages like he was a college chick wishing her best friend happy birthday. No caption. No context. Nothing. Just Mike Scott doing the photo dump which is becoming a new trend on Instagram. The new photo dump technique is a tool used to still strategically get likes, but also show off that your cool and down to Earth releasing unedited pictures of your weekend at the bar and late night drunk 2am pizza order. Think of the photo dump like playoff Ben Simmons.

We had Mike Scott crashing weddings in shorts and a t-shirt, Mike Scott beating up Eagles fans, Mike Scott showing up to an autograph signing dressed in his finest beater. Shout out to Mike Scott though. That dude was like a cockroach. A nuke could be dropped on the Wells Fargo center during the game and he’d be the only one who’d survive. You could convince me Mike Scott is the longest tenured 76er of all time. That fight with the Washington fans feels like it was 10 years ago. He was in every trade scenario. Every year we thought he’d be waived at the deadline to make room for a new contract and he always survived. It doesn’t feel right we’re not allowed to plug Mike Scott into the Trade Machine to use his contract as a salary dump. Pound for pound he probably has been included in the most Trade Machine scenarios in Sixers history. The Sixers might have finally been able to kill Mike Scott, but when you do he lays eggs. There will always be more Mike Scotts.