The last person I’d want advice from about dealing with pressure is Carson Wentz. You don’t get advice from Casey Anthony on babysitting. You wouldn’t take relationship advice from OJ. I hope whatever Carson Wentz said to Trey Lance went in one ear and out the other. Carson Wentz went to the Ryan Leaf School of Dealing With Pressure. He saw a guy at his position get drafted in the second round and completely turtled from the pressure. Then he requested a trade less than a year later because he was benched. I hope the advice was “when the going gets tough bitch about it privately, request a trade, and don’t answer the GM’s phone calls”.

Carson Wentz loves reciting the phrase “blocking out the noise” more than the Old Testament.

Carson Wentz must have a fucking sold out arena in his head. This guy blocks noise worse than Andre Dillard blocks his assignment. Do you think Jalen Hurts would ever to crater to pressure? Jalen Hurts eats pressure for breakfast and shits out doubt at lunchtime.

If we could just combine 2017 Carson Wentz’s play with 2020 Jalen Hurts’ brain we’d win the next 10 Super Bowls.