Nick Pivetta. NICK FUCKING PIVETTA is making fun of the Phillies. A guy who’s never had a winning season and career 5.50 ERA is taking shots at the culture of the Phils. And he’s absolutely right. Bob Wankel nailed it when he talked about the Phillies not being winners on Wednesday.

You know how you can tell this team is a bunch of losers? Rhys Hoskins begging reporters to write nice things because they had a lead at one point. If the Phillies were measured off of having leads they’d be the ‘32 Yankees!

This was a huge week for the team and they’re 1-4 finding embarrassing ways to lose. And it makes a ton of sense. This team has plenty of guys who’ve had individual success, but absolutely 0 experience winning. I don’t know how people are holding out hope that this team might be good. Rhys Hoskins, Cutch, and Segura need to be shopped for pieces that can get this team to where it needs to go. I’d hate to be Dembrowski. In the back of your mind you know it would be easier to tear this down but Harper’s contract won’t allow it. If you don’t hit on these trades we could be in baseball purgatory for most of Harper’s deal. The Phillies players vs. Joe Girardi is like that couple who won’t fight with each other in public. You know they hate each other. The tension makes everything awkward. But one of them is on the brink and about to snap and it’s going be something.

Who would’ve thought the Manny Machado deal would be the one that pans out.