Nobody would ever say Dwight Howard is great at reading the room.

This is like getting run off the court at LA Fitness deciding you’re done for the day because there are 7 teams with next ahead of you and sticking around to watch the next two games. Just a wild move to show up to the Hawks game and sit front row like he doesn’t play for the team they just upset. And technically he’s a free agent so he doesn’t owe the Sixers jack shit. He probably thinks every team in the NBA runs the Frosty promotion and knew Giannis was in town. It’d be awesome if more players showed up to games to see teams play. Could you imagine KD and Harden counting to 10 with the Hawks crowd every time Giannis gets to the line. Or Jokic and his brothers showing up to Suns game just to yell a bunch of Russian or whatever Soviet bloc country with shitty living conditions they’re from. Cam Payne would be lookin like Q in the elevator scene in Juice.