Rhys Hoskins. Joe Girardi. Hector Neris.

There are Sunday beer leaguers 11 Busch Lights deep who make this play look routine.

This team man. This team finds the craziest ways to lose a game. Hector Neris isn’t a real closer. Rhys Hoskins is a DH playing first. Joe Girardi has Eflin bat in the 6th just to take him out in the 7th. Bryce Harper makes $30 mil and leaves early after getting hit by a fucking slider that bounced. McCutchen gets a 96mph Diaz fastball to the back and walks it off. 19 blown saves. It’s going to be Groundhog Day everyday until the All Star break because the Phillies don’t have a day off til then. It’s almost impossible to find this many different ways to lose.

The Phillies got 2 runs off of Jacob deGrom today. TWO! That’s like getting two runs off God.

The Phillies should be 2 games back with Zack Wheeler going tomorrow instead during a must win week they’re 1-4. Blowing three leads in one game. Can’t give Nola any support as he K’s 10 guys in a row. Blown saves. What is going on? This team doesn’t seem like they even care. There’s absolutely 0 leadership from top to bottom. They can’t field. They can’t hit. It’s exhausting to watch this team play baseball. And Joe Girardi thinks it’s going to turn around. What bizarro world is that guy living in? If Dave Dembrowski goes out and buys at the deadline it’d be financial malpractice. Shake up this team get some dudes that actually want to be here.

Are the Union any good?