Trade request? What trade request? Is Rich Paul going to pull a “you can’t fire me because I quit” with Ben Simmons? Hey Rich Paul strap up. Make sure the braces are extra tight because you’re in for a long summer. This isn’t New Orleans or Cleveland your dealing with here bud. This is the Sixers. Daryl Morey runs the show here. You can’t request a trade because the Sixers are already trying to shop his ass. Stop showing Daryl Morey screenshots of the trade machine you and LeBron came up with. Stick to the plan. Trust the Process. The Sixers are going to turn Ben Simmons into a righty, we’re going to build his trade value back up early in the season and everything is going to be ok. We don’t need you out here forcing our hand by making us trade Ben for spare parts.

I feel like dealing with Rich Paul is like dealing with a teenager. The braces of course. That’s a given. But it seems like him and his players are in a constant state of puberty. They’re happy one second saying Philly is where they want to be and two hours later they’re kicking and screaming and you have to leave Applebees. What the hell did Philly do to Ben Simmons? Does he not remember the standing ovation we gave him for making a free throw?

Philly fans have been getting raked through the coals for how tough we’ve been on Ben Simmons. Dan LeBatard almost broke down talking about how mean and cruel Philly fans can be.

“I think it’s an ugly part of that city,”“Their fandom is cruel. There’s a pride in how mean they can be. They file it under caring, but it can be very cruel.”

Listen the Negadelphia thing is real. But people who sit outside Philadelphia and who’ve never stepped inside Philadelphia love talking shit about how mean and cruel we are and refuse to highlight anytime we do something good. We were the #1 seed going into the playoffs. We gave up leads of 18 and 26 in back to back games that would have closed out the series. Our #1 overall pick’s offensive game hasn’t developed in 5 years. We had a #1 pick who woke up one day and couldn’t shoot anymore. We suffered through loss after loss while waiting for this process to play out. We’ve had management changes because of burner accounts, coaching changes, star players come and go, and contracts handed out that didn’t make any sense. It’s cold & gets dark at 3pm here 8 months out of the year. I’m sorry we’re not the happiest people in the world Dan. We can’t all walk outside and have 10’s in thongs rollerblading around and white sandy beaches with the bluest water you’ve ever seen all year around. We have one thing and it’s sports. The Eagles and whichever team is doing good at that time. Sorry we can’t attract free agents to come here win a couple championships and say see ya later. We’d be a hell of a lot happier if that was the case. But you can’t say we don’t love as hard as we hate. You give us everything you got and I promise we’ll love you back. We’re the most insecure fanbase in the world. You can’t just trick us after we’ve come to expect you to deliver. That’s why there is so much hate towards Ben and Carson Wentz. Because we feel tricked. So many people died on the hill for both guys to their friends, family, and radio stations that they feel bamboozled that both these guys just forgot how to play their sports. But don’t talk about all the chances Markelle Fultz got. All the chances Bryce Harper is going to get. And all the chances Ben Simmons got. The hate is just as valid as the love before it.