If your brain didn’t immediately read “Fuck Ben Simmons” when you saw the car then the last couple days probably haven’t been tough on you. It’s like Buscemi in Armageddon during the rorschach test. All I can see is breasts!

Remember those “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.”commercials

Well if you immediately read that as “Fuck Bensalem” that is your brain.

If you read it and thought it said “Fuck Ben Simmons”.

That is your brain on drugs after a guy making $177 million scores 5 points in a Game 7 and puts up the worst free throw shooting percentage in playoff history.

What if the guy who drives this car is named Ben Salem? Maybe his parents were actually on drugs when they named him. Drugs will do that. Bensalem is a pretty weird place to get mad at. It’s basically Philly with grass.

And the terrible depth perception on this person? Went to heavy on the “FUCK” and didn’t account for how long 7 letters could be. Gotta know you need to maximize room. Start from hubcap to hubcap. This was the John Mulaney’s “Happy Birthday poster” joke in real life.