I need a son like DeVonta Smith. One thats going to run a 4.4 and play for Nick Saban at Alabama and then become a top 10 draft pick some day. It seems like being the parent of a Heisman Trophy winner is a pretty sweet gig.

Can we be honest though? I thought the house was going to be bigger. Quick look it seems like its 3 bed/3 bath place. Feels like there’s a lot of land to build an addition. Great first home on your rookie deal and I’m all for DeVonta spending within his means, but does he think we forgot about draft day? We saw all of those endorsement deals. DeVonta Smith is an ELITE bag getter off the field.

Cryptocurrency, Verizon, his own merch. There is nothing DeVonta Smith won’t attach his name too. He’s gonna look like Dale Earnhardt walking in before the game next year.

Smitty coin might have the same value as 1 Schrute buck, but who cares if we pump that shit up that just paid for groceries for the week.

All the greats sling hooch while they’re in the league. Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers. Brady. Troy Polamalu. Remember when Charles Harris hijacked the NFL draft with the Jack Links Sasquatch at his draft party? That probably paid for his parent’s house.

You’re here for a good time not a long time. Make as much dollars as you can especially after the NCAA just leached off of your name and success for the last 4 years. If DeVonta Smith is as good at grabbing passes as he is grabbing endorsement deals we’re looking at a Hall of Famer.