If you don’t know who John McAfee is you’re probably under 24 and never had an AIM screenname or had to crank it at a desktop computer and for that I feel bad for you. You probably grew up with the luxury of watching porn on your phone. You never experienced the rush of running home from the bus stop firing up Pornhub or Youporn on the family computer because you had a tiny window before your parents walked through the door. Without middle schooler’s around the country John McAfee is a regular guy with a drug problem and not a billionaire with one.

This guy had an insane life. After selling the shares in his anti-virus company he later was on the run from the U.S. for tax evasion and settles in Belize. Wanted by the Belize government for the murder of his neighbor he flees to Guatemala and is found because VICE publishes a story on him and forgets to remove the geotag from one of the pictures they took of him in the story. Fakes a heart attack in a Guatemala prison for his lawyers to file appeals so he isn’t extradited to the US… still deported to the states. Somehow goes on the run again this time to Cuba then flees to the Dominican Republic then heads to Spain where he was arrested in October at an airport. Now hours after he was supposed to be extradited to the US he commits suicide.

Was he whacked? I don’t know what kinda secrets a guy who’s been on the run for tax evasion has that goes Epstein levels of deep. It just sucks we’re never going to see him eat his own dick on live television.