What a preposterous move from the ump. Did he not just watch David Hale miss the spot down and away by 2 feet and Josh Bell knock it into FDR? If I’m Hale I tell the ump to fuck off. If he’s using sticky stuff and still can’t get guys out it’s probably time to hang them up. Get the Nazi peanut vendor on the mound there’s no chance she’s giving up more runs than David Hale with the bases juiced.

How is there no one in the farm system that can give the Phillies an inning of relief?

I don’t why I got my hopes up that this team was going to be anything other than mediocre. All we did was upgrade our bullpen from last year and that still blows. Between the errors and the inability to make contact these guys are a glorified little league team. Doesn’t make it any easier when the asylum is led by an insane person. The Phillies have even tried everything to get it going. Road jerseys, funny hats, dressing up in jerseys before last week’s road trip. Well we’ve got room for one more gimmick to turn this thing around before we’re selling at the deadline so Archie Bradley better bring out the big guns. Dive deep into that bag of tricks. Donkey Show.

We’ve got a run to go on.