More heart in Chunk the dog than the entire Phillies team not named Joe Girardi last night. Unlimited boops for Chunk. What a Chunk move to runaway. Probably saw an open gate and just walked out ready to see what the world had to offer in a life that consisted only of the backyard and house. Chunk probably went a block down the street saw everything he needed to see, said fuck this, and tried to go back home. Only thing is Chunk isn’t the smartest dog. You don’t get a name like Chunk if Mensa is recruiting you.

How about the Homeward Bound journey Chunk went on? After one week Chunk’s owners have to be thinking the worst. There’s no shot Chunk had a shot at defeating mountain lions and shit.

Instead we get a real life version from the happiest moment of my childhood. Chunk taking a dip in the bay is Shadow coming over the hill after the little kid thought hope was lost. If you didn’t cry during this movie as a kid your soul is blacker than the bottom of the bay Chunk was doggy paddling in.