Ben Simmons shouldn’t be traded because he can’t shoot anymore or can’t play late in games because of his free throw deficiencies. Ben Simmons should be traded because he’s a crazy person. Who wants to spend all their time around their family? Especially Ben’s family. Talk about a circus. You got the crazy sister. You have the brother who allegedly molested the crazy sister. You have your other sister working at Klutch. You decided to employ your brother as your shooting coach after the Sixers wanted you to work with a professional. Your dad changed your shooting arm just because. You went to LSU because your godfather was on the staff. And your mom just looks like a helicopter parent. It’s a damn reality show over there.

There’s no doubt Ben surrounds himself with yes men. Your family isn’t going to call you out after you had a bad game or a bad training session. They’re not going to push you to get into the gym. They don’t want to upset you or have a falling out. They love the life of private jets, trips to exotic places, LA during the summer, and driving Lamborghinis. Who wants to mess that up? I would be the greatest yes man of all time. The Turtle from Entourage of yes man. Should we take a jet to Vegas before Game 7? Absolutely. Should you bet $100k on black? Live a little. Ben would be wearing hats for every crypto and weed company for every appearance he had. You’re here for a good time not a long time.