Imagine Darren getting ready for dinner and asking his wife, “Are they a Bitcoin or Ethereum family?” This is the thing about people who are in crypto. They don’t understand that there are a still people out there who don’t give a fuck about crypto. They can’t comprehend that someone doesn’t talk about crypto every moment of the day trying to weave it into every conversation so they can regurgitate something they read about on r/wallstreetbets. The volatility is a drug for the crypto clan. They love when it crashes so they have a reason to talk about it at dinner and they love when it explodes so they can shove it in people’s face who doubted the validity. My roommate had like $1,000 in DOGE in 2019 and can’t stop talking about how he’d have hundreds of thousands of dollars if he didn’t sell. Guess what. You sold. It was never your money. Millions of people sold Amazon, Google, and Microsoft before they blew up. Just admit you’re a paper handed bitch when you should’ve been diamond.

How much of a psychopath are you to not be able to go out with people who have a difference of opinions? Trump broke a lot of peoples brains. People who shut down because someone thinks differently than them are pussies. Imagine not talking to someone because you didn’t like their positions in the stock market. Oh you invested in Draftkings or Anheuser-Busch? Gambling and alcohol ruin families and lives. If we were shunned for investing in companies that ruin people’s lives we wouldn’t have a stock market. Do you know how rare it is to have someone say “I understand where you’re coming from” instead of totally dismissing you from the start? I’m hard as fuck just thinking about it.

But if you have a buddy who is huge into Bitcoin and you’re not breaking his balls that the coin dropped below $30k you’re a bad friend. Because he’s definitely freaking out totally not realizing that Bitcoin is up 200% YOY and he should’ve never seen these returns. Let’s go back to normal when we could make fun of people’s opinions and have open minded conversation.