I’ll never get tired of watching grown men reduced to tears because of sports. Whether it’s because your $177 million player scores 5 points in a Game 7 or it’s going to your first Eagles game ever to watch men crash into each other. This dude is probably tough as shit, blue collar as hell, with calloused hands from his day job and he had no shot while reading that letter. I remember my sister wrote a poem for my dad when we were younger and it turned him into a puddle. Never really seen my dad cry, but it was over once he got two lines in. Dads kryptonite are their daughters it’s insane. Imagine the Eagles actually are competitive this season and have a chance to clinch in Week 17 against the Skins? I mean daughter of the year. I hope he doesn’t have a son because that dude has 0 shot of being the favorite.