Jesus Christ what the hell did Doc Rivers do to Josh Smith? This just can’t be over Paul George. Josh Smith went from Doc’s in game adjustments to calling out his wife almost leaving him. Josh Smith played for Rivers for like 30 games 5 years ago. He’s watched Doc Rivers firsthand not make any in-game adjustments.

We’re the laughingstock of the league right now. When do we start to worry we hired a used car salesman? Because it’s all laid out that Doc Rivers hasn’t won anything since having a super team of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo. Doc is the GOAT of coming up short in the playoffs.

And how about the ricochet shot Mike Woodson gets out of nowhere. Josh Smith just thinking ah fuck it I’ve already done enough damage. Mike Woodson’s sitting in Bloomington like “what the fuck did I do?”

Could you imagine an IU grad assistant having to tip toe around Mike Woodson not knowing if he should ask coach or not if he saw Josh Smith’s IG story? Cause you don’t want to leave your coach out to dry, but you have to at least bring it up to one of the assistants right? If this were the 80s Mike Woodson and IU would have to call a press conference vehemently denying the rumors that Mike Woodson is in fact trash. Now we have former players just going after whoever they want every day. We are in the golden age of former athlete content.

P.S. Would love a Uninterrupted behind the scenes of Kevin Huerter and Josh Smith tearing up Magic City with Lou Will.