Dwight Howard who I guess scheduled an appointment to get probed by aliens on a game day went live pleading with people to stop hating on Ben Simmons. Which immediately brought back memories “Leave Britney Alone” guy one of the first viral videos on YouTube.


My favorite argument from athletes is you never played in the NBA so you can’t criticize a player. I know I didn’t have the fast twitch muscles to make it to the league 1% of people on Earth have played in. But I’ve also never been President so can I not criticize any politicians? I’ve never been the leader of a cartel. Am I not allowed to criticize that business plan?

We just gave Ben Simmons a standing ovation for doing half of his job. Read that back again. Five years from now we’re going to look back and laugh at how stupid we looked just like when we gave Markelle Fultz a standing O just for being alive.

We’ve been more than complimentary towards Ben Simmons. All you hear is the noise from the vocal minority who hate Ben. Most people fall in the middle that they understand Ben Simmons has limitations, but he can also play at an elite level. But we haven’t seen that elite level besides 1.5 games. This was a 3rd team All-NBA player last year. One of the 15 best in the league. And now we have to take him out at key moments of the game because he’s admitted to not being mentally strong enough to handle knocking down free throws. He’s now the 7th worst free throw shooter of all time and has the 4th worst free throw percentage in the history of the playoffs behind Shaq (twice), Ben Wallace, and Wilt Chamberlain. He’s earned the criticism.

P.S. At what point do we ban standing ovations from the arena? They’ve never worked and Sixers fans always look like idiots. Being critical to players is way more beneficial for us in the long run. Yea, you have your examples like Carson Wentz leaving to go to another team, but he also quit on the Eagles. So if you criticize a player and you’re wrong technically it benefits you because Philly teams would be profiting off that players success. Technically bullying works.