FIRE ME UP DOC!!! Jesus Christ what is Doc like at his kids weddings or the birth of his grandchildren? Everything is going to be fine, but the mortality rate during infant birth in the U.S. is higher than most third world countries. Did he get up during his daughters wedding wish the bride and groom the best and then bring out a chart detailing how the divorce rate is 51%? Jesus Doc.

When your back is up against the wall you count on your leader to instill confidence in the team to go out there and give it everything they’ve got. And I’ve never been so sure it’s not our year than after that comment from Doc. If Doc’s saying that publicly what the hell does he see behind closed doors. Ben Simmons is probably rocking back in forth in his locker ready to check into asylum if he gets hacked again. You can probably drive an 18 wheeler through Embiid’s meniscus because it’s severed. While Dwight keeps mumbling the word Frosty to himself. Doc is a pro when it comes to being eliminated in a must win. Actually, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to lose in this spot more than Doc Rivers. Some would say he’s the GOAT of being eliminated.

Trust The Process.