Jesus not even 24 hours and this guy tucks his tail between his legs and 180s.

“I deeply regret everything that I said — it has turned my life upside down. It was a mistake, and I should not have reported on unfounded allegations. I sincerely apologize to all of those impacted…and there’s a deep drive to left from Castellanos.”

This guy broke his own rule.

Probably had lawyers from players and teams he named threaten to sue him and he turtled immediately. Where’s the pride? Where’s the integrity? Stand by your sources and make a name for yourself Spaeder! If this guy would’ve led the American Revolution we’d still be speaking British. Guy got a couple angry mentions, a couple nobodies wrote some blogs about him, someone threatens to kill him and he rolls over? It’s the internet buddy. None of this matters. Chill the fuck out and throw your phone down the drain.

Baseball journalism might be dead between this guy and Jon Heyman tweeting out a screen shot of Scott Boras’ aggressively long text. If I wanted to read the Da Vinci Code Scott I would’ve already.