This dude had to hang himself from the rafters using Moses Malone’s retirement banner. The last thing he saw before the life left his eyes was “Billy Joel 48 Philadelphia Sellouts”. You don’t paint your face and scream and yell into a phone next to a dad and his kid eating cotton candy unless you’re a little sick in the head. But you cannot love the passion. This guy breathes Philly sports which makes the muffler he tastes after they lose make sense.

Those are some pretty good seats too. Gotta imagine this guy has a good job. But what kind of job are we talking? Could you imagine if this guy was your accountant? And not just middle management, but actually a partner in the firm. I don’t know if his Philly Sports Guy persona is good or bad for business. On one hand it’s good to have a hobby work can’t be everything. On another I don’t know if I trust a guy to get my family maximum returns when he’s playing dress up 200 nights out of the year. You have to think the passion for sports rubs off on his day job. But on the other hand the constant spray paint seeping into his pores is one day going to give him brain damage. I guess that’s a Catch 22 because the accountants I know are alcoholics and coke fiends. This guys only vice is cheering for shitty sports teams.