It’s almost impossible for a team to lose the last two games like the Sixers did. It’s over. Even if they beat the Hawks somehow in 7. It’s over. They can’t beat Brooklyn or Milwaukee. They can’t close out the Atlanta Hawks after being up 18 and 26 in back to back games. They have absolutely zero killer instinct that good championship teams have. Good championship teams don’t let bad teams back in games. Good teams are balanced top to bottom. Look at this box score.

Where’s the Tobias Harris Apology Form? I’d like to set fire to that and piss on the ashes. He should have to apologize to me. I know we love the cute shit Dwight says about Frostys, but he looks like Charlie every time he gets an offensive rebound and goes up with it.

What a waste of an amazing Embiid and Curry game. Where the hell is Ben Simmons at? At one point he refused to score and play defense late in the game. It’s time to worry about Hack-A-Ben. Not just this season, but next season and for however longer Ben Simmons is on this team. The crowd is treating him like a Make A Wish kid every time he knocks down one. This guy was 3rd Team All NBA last year at some point you have to have the confidence to knock those down. You’re going to have to sit him late in games until the 2 minute if it’s close. Who took Tobias Harris’ 4th quarter powers? What plays are Doc running out of the timeout? Why is Seth Curry on Trae Young for two straight possessions? It’s not like Danny Green isn’t active on the bench still so there’s no narrative there.

I hope the Sixers are happy they killed two things tonight. Mark in Philly’s girlfriend’s streak and Izzy the Cat.

That’s the last game Izzy the cat is ever going to see and it’s one of the worst losses in Sixers history. And this cat lived through The Process years. The Sixers officially #BuriedTheCat.