SOURCE — Luke Williams wanted something special to commemorate one of the greatest phone calls of his life, so, like anybody, he bought a Kevin Durant jersey.

Let him explain.

Williams was back at Triple-A Lehigh Valley following a successful stint with Team USA in an Olympic qualifier in Florida. He had a free night on June 7, so he and Mickey Moniak traveled from Allentown, Pa., to Brooklyn to watch the Nets play the Bucks in Game 2 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference semifinals. Williams’ older brother, Jake, used to live in Brooklyn and had Nets season tickets. Jake gave them to his brother.

Williams and Moniak took the 2 Train to Barclays Center. Williams’ phone rang along the way. It was Triple-A manager Gary Jones.

He told Williams that he had been called up to the big leagues.

“Then the phone call cut off,” Williams said Tuesday afternoon at Dodger Stadium. “So Mickey and I had like 5-10 minutes to just kind of go crazy and enjoy the moment together. Then we stepped off the train and we were like, ‘Huh, I wonder what everyone was thinking on the train?’”

So if you happened to be on the 2 Train on June 7 and saw two grown men hugging and high-fiving and shedding a tear or two, you witnessed Williams celebrating his long-awaited call to The Show.

“I called Gary and [player development director] Josh Bonifay back,” Williams said. “I was like, ‘Hey, sorry, I was on the subway.’ And then we went to the game, watched it. That is why I have the KD jersey. I bought it that day. It’s the one basketball jersey I have. Mickey and I were like, ‘We’ve got to buy jerseys, just to remember this moment.’ He got Kyrie. I got KD. I think I won on that one.”

I know Lehigh Valley will never be mistaken for a party town, but I find it hard to believe a 24 year old Cali bro who crushes Yuengling Light (sneaky the best beer of the Yuengling conglomerate) doesn’t have one jersey in his closet for when the boys come over to the place to play cornhole and watch games on a day off. Don’t know if I can count on Luke Williams to make it to the Hall of Fame if he only owns one jersey. On the east coast we have like 100 days of summer and have 10 jerseys minimum. And we plan each out for every concert we go to in our early 20s. For me growing up it was XTU? Julius Erving high school jersey. DMB? LeBron James high school jersey. Kenny Chesney? Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey from He Got Game.

My jersey collection could go toe to toe with anyones. Larry Bird high school jersey. LT powder blue Chargers jersey. Tyreke Evans high school jersey! Who else do you know had a Tyreke Evans jersey from American Christian? That school was open for like 2 years and closed immediately after he left. I waited 6 months for that thing to pass through customs.

And then occasionally you mix in the lax pinnie. If you didn’t have something “ILL” in your closet during the summer of 2010 you were a bonafide scrub.

So sorry if maybe I’m having a hard time believing Captain America when he mentions that the KD jersey is the only one in his closet. What is he the best dressed most mature 24 year old ever? No shot!

The dirt stache screams a closet full of jerseys, Hawaiian shirts, and Alfani brand solid t-shirts. I understand the sentimental value of memories, but if he wanted a souvenir couldn’t he just get a large Coke? But if he keeps mashing .400 he can wear an OJ jersey for all I care.