Does anyone have worse luck in the playoffs than Chris Paul? Maybe Charles Barkley running into the Bulls Dynasty is whole career? The Suns were absolutely rolling on and off the court. We had Suns in 4 guy making predictions, the Sun Bros, and Devin Booker and CP3 just swept the MVP and the Nuggets.

Did a fan in that mob give CP3 COVID? Imagine being that guy who tested positive and your doctor finding out you were in this mob. You gotta pay that doctor to take that secret to his grave. You potentially ruined the storybook season and the Suns first legitimate shot at a title in 10 years. The Suns were 50/1 at some books at the start of the season to win the title. What a shitty hand dealt by COVID. And this doesn’t mean that CP3 wasn’t vaxed. The timetable to return would be sooner if he is according to Shams.

Depending on the medical circumstance, an isolation period could be shorter for a vaccinated individual.

The NBA has yet to release the schedule for the conference finals, but if a Game 7 is needed in the JazzClippers conference semifinals, it will be played Sunday.

But hey maybe the Jazz and Clippers go 7 and CP3 knocks off 6 days of that quarantine.

Or not.

The Suns never needed someone more than they need this this girl to suck the COVID out of CP3.