That was beautiful. My dad died about a year after the Super Bowl and the thing I’m most grateful for is he got to see a Super Bowl. Even though I think that cocksucker rooted for the Cowboys in the 80s & 90s because the Eagles were such dogshit. I don’t know. Lead based paint was probably melting people’s brains. That kind of shit.

I feel kind of selfish that it only took me 26 years to see one and we had fans in there 60s and 70s who waited their entire life through the hell years of the Marion Campbell, Ray Rhodes, Kotite & Buddy Ryan. No one my age appreciates it enough that we’ve watched the most successful two decades of Eagles football in franchise history. I know we’re a complete joke right now and there’s no roadmap for a future, but our grandfathers would’ve kicked our asses knowing we’ve watched 6 NFC Championship games, 9 division titles, 2 Super Bowls, and the best players in franchise history. We had some people asking if you’d give the Super Bowl back to not have to go through a rebuild. And those people should be euthanized.

We also got some Nick Foles hog talk and Chris Long finally confirms what we all knew. Nick Foles was playing at a disadvantage having to play football and carry an elephant’s trunk in his pants at the same time.

The full interview between Tom Segura and Chris Long is awesome.