Are Mets fans delusional? Imagine thinking the Phillies wanting to follow in the Mets shoes. The Mets are an organization of consistent failure that break their fans hearts every chance they get. There’s a 12 minute YouTube video based on you being losers. Only volume 1 too! Which means there is even more content!

Did anyone tell Mets fans “Captain America” quit on the 2013 WBC team? The same year Matt Vasgersian gave him the nickname. He was batting .438 (7 for 16) with 10 RBIs and instead the team had to play fucking Willie Bloomquist in an elimination game against a juggernaut Dominican team. Doesn’t seem patriotic to me. I’m sure the Mets shut him down though because they were making a run for a World Series title and not the basement of the NL East.

Checks out.

A real captain plays through adversity and pain for the name on the front of the jersey and not the back. Imagine if David Wright was actually Captain America. The Avengers would always be a man down. You can’t defend the Marvel Universe against Thanos when David Wright is slowing them down with another shoulder injury.

Luke Williams is the new Captain America based on the best ability being availability.