SOURCEStarting Thursday, the convenience store chain is rolling out a spicy cheesesteak in honor of the whodunit HBO drama. The hoagie is made on a shorti roll with steak, cheddar cheese sauce and spicy cherry pepper relish, which Wawa said is “a nod to how spicy the show is.”

However, it only will be available from June 10-17 at 42 Wawa locations across Delaware County. 

It’s going to be a real whodunit in your shorts when you’re on the shitter 30 minutes after you take down this bad boy. At least the suspects are limited to the fake cheese, spicy pepper relish, or pre-cooked refrigerator mystery meat. Wawa selling this on anything longer than a Shorti roll would be grounds for felony assault with a deadly weapon. That sandwich looks like every woman from Upper Darby. Short, toasted at lunchtime, and ready to gobble up 6 inches whenever.

I don’t know who came up with this sandwich, but it doesn’t come close to representing Upper Darby. Where’s the bottle of Yunegling nestled between the toasted bun, a couple of unwrapped Philly blunts on each side like lettuce, Plan B evenly placed on top, and a grinded up gram of weed for spice. Then every time you order the sandwich the Wawa worker hands you a certificate for your GED. That’s the real Upper Darby/Mare of Easttown collab people are looking for. Not this shit Wawa released because the show was “spicy”. Let’s be authentic Wawa it’s bad enough your food has gone to shit in the last couple of years since you started to outsource your ingredients. Erin McMenamin would still be alive today if you offered this on your menu.

Thank god though fans can share their favorite memory from the show. A ton of fun ones to choose from!

From Thursday through Sunday, fans can share their favorite “Mare of Easttown” moment on social media for a chance to win a Delco celebration fan kit that consists of a limited edition Wawa Delco t-shirt and a $25 gift card to taste test the show’s official cheesesteak.

Was it the incest? Mare’s alcoholism? Murder at the hands of an innocent child? HBO Max shitting the bed for 30 minutes into the finale? The alcoholism? Or the kidnapping and torture of sex workers? To many good memories to choose from I don’t know where to start. And if you think that $25 Wawa gift card isn’t getting sold for cash to buy some scratch offs and a pack of Reds you’re out your mind.

I would love to see the PR head who had to grit their teeth and come up with some nice things to say about Upper Darby to the papers.

Wawa said that the day-long event will “celebrate the authenticity of the show as it depicts the culture and resilience of a community that stands by one another during good times and bad, and shines a light on everyday heroes who go to great lengths to serve their community.”

A community that stands by one another during good times and bad? This isn’t Mr Roger’s fucking neighborhood this is Upper Darby. Head always on a swivel.

Kelleher initially turned herself in to police in December 2018 on charges that she stole nearly $120,000 from the bank accounts of a 73-year-old woman she had befriended at her apartment complex between July 2017 and November 2018.

Kelleher had befriended her wheelchair-bound neighbor and they formed a friendship, according to an affidavit of probable cause for her arrest. Kelleher had access to a safe in the other woman’s apartment, where the alleged victim kept an unactivated check card from her bank, the affidavit states. Kelleher allegedly activated the card and used it to take more than $40,000 from the woman’s savings account and $76,000 from a checking account. Surveillance footage recovered by police allegedly showed Kelleher making 10 transactions at a Wells Fargo Bank branch in one day.