A combination of Ben Simmons & Matisse Thybulle last night held Trae Young to 21 points 6/16 shooting, 1/7 from 3 and all anyone can think about is Ben Simmons having 4 points. Including Twitter who absolute fucked us when Ben Simmons started to trend and this was the sentence underneath it.

This would be like when the Eagles won Super Bowl 52 the summary under it was “Eagles defense gives up 500 yards to Tom Brady and the offense during victory over the Patriots.” Talk about burying the lead. This is what it should’ve said under Ben Simmons.

I mean I’m breaking my own rule of not giving stupid shit people say on Twitter about Philly engagement because that is what they are looking for but fuck it. I don’t expect Ryan Clark to have nuanced well researched opinions on Ben Simmons or the NBA because he didn’t play the sport and ESPN doesn’t pay him to talk about the NBA. I just hate that this is always the narrative after Ben Simmons plays a great game defensively, it’s right in front of people, and they refuse to watch it and then regurgitate their opinions in front of millions. I mean Ryan Clark even admitted to watching like 10 minutes of Game 2.

Yes. Ben Simmons is taller Patrick Beverly and Tony Allen. Both players who never averaged over 8 ppg and 2 apg. If we’re making comparisons than Ryan Clark is more athletic Mobb Deep.