I love sketch comedy. At one point I had dreams of being on Saturday Night Live so I took a couple of classes at Philly Improv and than took the Mega Bus back and forth to UCB in New York one summer to take classes there. I remember thinking to myself during those long bus rides that one day I’m going to be one of the greats like Will Ferrell or Bill Hader. Adam Sandler is going to put me in Grown Ups 6. Pete Davidson and I are going to take some shrooms and write the funniest shit SNL has ever seen. You know those naive thoughts when you’re young and life hasn’t kicked you in the balls yet. Never took a class ever again after UCB. All I remember is one chick had a ton of armpit and leg hair and that completely threw me for a loop. Teen Wolf told me I wasn’t a fit for the alt-comedy scene that was growing and a big part of those classes. I felt like pushing the envelope and that was frowned upon.

The reason why I even tell that story is because you probably recognize the name Shane Gillis after he was hired and then immediately fired from SNL for saying some derogatory things about Asians on his podcast a year prior. It definitely didn’t help that SNL was fingerblasting themselves for hiring the first Asian cast member ever. So when the PR team of a billion dollar entity fucks up because they don’t do a diligent enough background check you get raked through the coals while they wipe their hands clean.

In an odd way the best thing that probably happened to Shane Gillis is that he was fired from SNL. His comedy probably would’ve been diluted or passed over for a sketch because it was to risky to run with advertisers who bought bleach and dish soap while NBC would’ve been to scared to piss off moms who cry at the ending of ‘This Is Us’ every week when they just drove their kid home after football practice a couple chardonnays and a quarter bar of Klonopin deep 2 hours ago. Well that’s good for us because now we get weekly sketches from two dudes who are from the Philly area and absolutely crushing it.

Didn’t mean to make this a Ted Talk about the war on comedy, but you can’t tell me you didn’t watch one of these sketches and not think this dude would’ve killed on SNL. That Uncle Daycare sketch is pound for pound one of the best things I’ve ever seen and Netflix or a TV Network wouldn’t touch it because there wasn’t enough diversity between the uncles. Even though the uncles are all caricatures of alcoholics, racists, and borderline predators.

Also his partner Keeves. The broccoli rabe in the Gilly & Keeves sandwich. He was the guy in Bird Text who created the My Girl Got Burrelled masterpiece from like 10 years ago.

This is a perfect opportunity to go take your morning dump and watch all of these.

More sketches at the Gilly & Keeves YouTube Channel.