Sixers win by 16 and it didn’t even feel that close! Shake Milton had enough of the Tyrese Maxey hype! He heard his part in the new Tierra Whack song and said enough is enough. 14 points in 11 minutes to open up the game in the 2nd half off the bench!

The Hawks refusing to cover him was an interesting strategy after he just stuck three straight in your eye.

Tobias Harris came out on absolute fire in the first half and Ben Simmons put Trae Young in jail. Like San Quentin. In a straight jacket. Brooks was here. Only allowed out in the yard for an hour a day type jail.

This game was over in the first quarter. The Hawks were never in it even if they were down 2 at half. That’s because every point Bogdan Bogdanovic scores doesn’t count. He should be in Wisconsin playing against the Nets. If the Hawks had a chance I this series would be played in protest. But it’s over. The Hawks can’t run with the Sixers when they don’t shoot 90% from 3. You can’t win when Danilo Gallinari is your leading scorer. Joel Embiid looks unstoppable and NBA writers can only blame themselves. The worst thing they could’ve done is hand out the same number of 1st place votes to Joel Embiid and Derrick Rose.

Also I don’t know if this girl is a witch or not, but if Michael Rubin’s guest isn’t this girl in Game 5 what the hell are the Sixers doing. Don’t mess with this juju. We’re bordering on dark magic and don’t need her cursing Embiid’s knees because the Sixers didn’t take care of her. Shit fly her down to Atlanta. Just stop inviting Atlanta rappers as your guest you dork.

See you in Atlanta. Sixers in 5.