Lebron stuff starts at 15:40.

Hey Daryl – I know you read everything that’s about you on the internet. Hope you’re having a good day. Sixers in 6.

Morey gets fined for a tweet and Pat Riley’s allowed to jerkoff LeBron James for 5 minutes on Le Batard with 0 consequence? He even mentions he thought he’d get a fine for his answer. The hypocrisy that Adam Silver runs the NBA with is insane. Remember when Daryl Morey got fined because he forgot to turn off an automated tweet congratulating James Harden because Harden was on the trading block?

I mean what are we doing here. Is there no integrity in the NBA anymore? The inmates are running the asylum. The rules don’t apply to Pat Riley just like they didn’t when David Stern was commissioner. Pat Riley was doing backroom deals with the Heat while he was still coaching the Knicks. The guy sent a list of 14 demands to the Miami Heat for him to become the next head coach while still under contract. Was he ever fined? Of course not. Or how about when LeBron, D Wade and Bosh all colluded to join each other back in ’06 when they were playing for Team USA. The NBA didn’t even try to investigate that because they’d rather their biggest star be in Miami instead of wasting away in Cleveland. Totally swept that under the rug.

And then we have Magic spitting in the face of tampering on Jimmy Kimmel leading up to the Paul George sweepstakes. All the league did was give the Lakers a slap on the wrist. Then finally fined them $500k after they tampered again later in the year.

Listen there’s no doubt Adam Silver has his favorites and he decides who his favorites are depending on who makes the league the most money. Daryl Morey has done the complete opposite and is the executive who’s lost the league the most amount of money. Get the fuck over it Adam Silver. Sorry that Daryl has a moral compass and sticks up for human beings over the bottom line. You’ll be printing money long after Daryl retires. The moral of the story is you can tamper, but only if you’re clearly blatant about it. But if you lose a couple games on purpose and show how flawed the system is. A system you put in place. The NBA is going to replace you with one of their mouthpieces and his son.