The Athletic NBA Player poll from 2019.

There can only be one explanation to this.

Fuck Adam Silver. Fuck Tony Brothers. Don’t schedule any early meetings on Wednesday because this game is going to be 4 hours long because of Tony Brothers’ whistle. Has any team been fucked over more by refs than the Sixers these first two rounds? Game 4 agains the Wizards was ridiculous. Yesterday this foul call on Thybulle was challenged and STILL upheld.

And now the series is in the hand of Tony Brothers who LOVES the Atlanta Hawks. He calls the 3rd most personal fouls on Hawks opponents and the least on the Hawks.

While the Hawks shoot the 3rd most free throws when he refs vs. their opponents who shoot the 4th lowest amount.

The Hawks win 60% of Tony Brothers games. The Sixers? Barely 50. Somehow Tony Brothers has been assigned to the Sixers 15 more times than Atlanta.

Tony Brothers is the last thing you want to see when you’re down 1-0 and this is a must win. If Trae Young shoots 30 free throws tomorrow we know why. And maybe it doesn’t even matter because the Nets look unstoppable with out James Harden. They’re up 100 on the Bucks and Blake Griffin is jumping over Kias again after not dunking for like 2 years.

Fuck Tony Brothers, but that no look tech on Nick Nurse was thing of beauty.