One of the most important parts of the game yesterday I feel like no one is talking about is the Trae Young 18 second violation. How Trae Young sitting in the backcourt for 18 seconds isn’t an 8 second violation is beyond me. And I know the rule is the count doesn’t start until the player touches the ball, but that’s a dumb rule. Imagine what the Sixers could’ve done with 18 more seconds yesterday as they were making their comeback. When the Sixers do a post-game breakdown today Doc Rivers better have “don’t let Trae Young waste 18 seconds in the back court” at the top of the list.

And what’s Danny Green doing? This is as much on him as it is on the NBA for having a dumb rule like this. How are you going to just let Trae Young walk the ball up the court for 18 seconds. Why isn’t he trying to at least dive at Trae’s feet to at least force a jump ball. Joel Embiid has to even yell at him TWICE! You have to cut Danny Green some slack here because he’s a young rookie in his first playoff series. Once he plays for a couple playoff contenders and wins some titles that’s when Doc should be able to trust him more late in games.

Put this dumb rule up there with the NFL games can end in a tie, the NFL OT coin flip (have teams start at the 35 and give them 4 downs to score), World Series home field decided by the All-Star Game winner, baseball managers wearing uniforms, and signing your scorecard in golf. Get rid of all of these rules.