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Did the oddsmakers turn the Sixers/Hawks game off after the 1st half? The Sixers were a borderline clear path foul away from tying the game. Joel Embiid just had 39 on one leg and the Hawks shot 90% from 3. Only one of those things are going to continue in this series and it ain’t the Hawks. If the Sixers play even 10% better in the first half and Doc doesn’t refuse to play the bench guys with a starter or two the Sixers win that game by double digits. I just can’t believe the sportsbooks hire some of the greatest math minds in the world and these are the odds they come up with. I only need to shell out $110 to win $100? Trae Young was neutralized in the 2nd half. Did we all watch the same game? The double teams had him in fits. He was a -11.

Trae’s been figured out. You cut the head off the snake and the body will die. Even Trae knows. When you figure out you can’t beat a team in a 7 game series you resort to bush league plays like flopping.

I don’t even care if Trae Young has the refs in his back pocket. A healthy Sixers team is not losing to Clint Capela and Danilo Gallinari.

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