If you watched the Logan Paul/Floyd Mayweather fight you didn’t miss much. The greatest trick Floyd Mayweather ever pulled was again tricking people into paying for a fight where he’d play defense the whole time and slip in just enough punches to keep it slightly entertaining. Floyd even called the fight “legalized burglary” leading up to it. The man got $10 million just for showing up.

Now if you had a Floyd KO at -700 you gotta be on high alert that you were absolutely screwed. Logan Paul was in another dimension after that right hook and just toppled onto Floyd. If you had the fight to Go The Distance +425 go get yourself a TMT OnlyFans leather hat.

I love Floyd for this move. He probably knew he got paid more for each round longer into the fight it went. Floyd Mayweather isn’t a smart dude, can’t even read a page of a Harry Potter book but when it comes to maximizing the amount of his purse he’s Stephen Hawking but with worse speaking ability.

This whole fight was about legitimizing Logan Paul as a fighter so that his brother and other YouTubers can capitalize off of this. People are sucking Logan’s dick for going the distance with a 44 year old who barely trained. We’re going to have Showtime setting up a boxing card under the jungle gym during recess with a couple of 4 year old unboxing YouTubers. You’re going to buy that fight too.

YouTube boxing isn’t going away. I watched the fight on a TikTok live with 30k other people last night. Even if we’ve seen better combinations outside of Xfinity Live after a Birds loss.