Shaq’s been delivering hot take after hot take all playoffs. Good thing is we have a historian like Ernie Johnson to take down all of them. This should be Rhea Hughes job everytime Cataldi says something stupid than at the end of the year they get to sit his ass down at City Hall and ridicule him about every wrong prediction he’s had. It can replace Wing Bowl.

All of these post it notes are the predictions Shaq has made.

That’s only the first round! Like Kenny said, “Shaq’s got a lot of if’s.” I don’t know what the other one’s say, but this one is his worst. I know Trae Young just lit the Garden on fire, but they’re not going to gentleman’s sweep the Sixers with or without Embiid. Trae Young makes that Hawks team go. Cut the head off the snake, the body will die.

Who’s going to beat the Sixers if Trae Young doesn’t show up? Kevin Huerter?

Clint Capela?

John Collins?

Danilo Galinari and his mohawk?


No chance this Sixers team loses to the Hawks when Nate McMilan’s best pregame speech is how the league wants the Sixers to win because the size of their media market (the league definitely wants the Sixers to win because of the size of their media market). A team led by a guy experiencing his first playoffs ever isn’t going to take down a veteran Sixers team no matter how much Shaq hopes they do. The Hawks are playing in the major leagues now. It’s nice you hit .330 in Double A. Now lets see what you got after I chuck 98 on the black and buckle your knees with some off speed stuff. No more going up against a franchise of losers for the last 15 years who’s starting Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson like it’s 2012.

Shut up Shaq you sensitive ass giant baby.