What a power move from A Aron to have his balls literally dragging all over his desk during this interview. This guy doesn’t need pants. He just cashed in half a billi in stock today. When you do that you can show up to Zoom calls wearing nothing. When you create the greatest mascot of all time Phil E. Moose you don’t answer to anyone.

Adam Aron is the most powerful CEO in the country at the moment. How many giant t-shirt cannons has Elon Musk invented?

What a ride for the King of Gimmick’s since $AMC has become a meme stock. A year ago it was trading at $5 and today it closed at $51 because some dudes on Reddit decided so. How about all these people who spend $250,000 to go to some Ivy League school just to tell old people what low risk mutual funds to invest in for retirement being caught with their pants down by a bunch of shit posters and memes. Has to kind of make you think that maybe this stock market thing is kind of a sham that’s been manipulated for a century.

But what if Adam Aron is actually trying to tell $AMC shareholders to short the stock by not wearing any shorts. His plan all along was to actually drop the phone. I mean the dude is a showman. He entertained hundreds of guests during the early Process Sixers years.