Remember the scene in Holes where Stanley Yelnats carries Zero up the mountain and the curse on his family is lifted?

Well I think Andrew Bynum is Madame Zeroni in this situation. I think the next step is bringing him back to ring the bell. Purge all the bad juju with a couple swings of the hammer and lift the curse. Ride Embiid’s torn meniscus to an NBA championship wrap a bow on The Process for good while we rub it in everyone’s face who doubted.

Andrew Bynum. The reason The Process started in the first place. The player that Sam Hinkie told Josh Harris and David Blitzer to their dumb rich faces they overpaid for during his job interview. A guy who made the fans numb to season ending injuries because his were so out there you thought they were a joke.

Is actually the final chapter to a 10 year drama filled with twists and turns and highs and lows. It’s almost too perfect. Nobody in Hollywood could come up with a storybook ending this good.

The 30 for 30 would be “On The Shoulders Of A Giant”…

…not that one.

There we go.

In the playoffs Bynum played 23 games, averaged 24 minutes, 8 ppg (he was like the 5th scoring option), 7 reb and shot 54% from the field.

To make things even better Dwight Howard played with a torn meniscus and MCL during the playoffs in 2015. Embiid has first hand intel on how to manage the injury. Don’t rip up those Sixers futures just yet!