It’s a lot tougher to coach when players don’t grow up shooting on a dirt basketball court and they can’t talk back to you because you hang their scholarship over their head.

Instead of Brad Stevens coaching for his job we now have him drafting for it. Imagine walking into your bosses office and being like, “I’m going to take your job.” and then taking his job and forcing the guy to retire one year before he was supposed to get the gold watch. I can’t wait until the Celtics employ the Flyers strategy of promoting people who continually suck at what they do. Can’t coach? Here’s a front office position. Can’t draft? Here’s the President of Ops role. Can’t lead? Here just be our spokesperson and sit in the dunk tank during the Flyers Wives Charity and collect $200k a year.

And now here come the takes about how Brad Stevens never had the roster in Boston.

He was a #1 seed in 2016 and the #2 in 2017. He coached Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, Kyrie, Jayson Tatum, & Kemba Walker over that stretch. They severely underperformed this year and I know Kemba was hurt for most of it, but only getting 36 wins surrounded by two star players who played 64 and 58 games is terrible. Joel Embiid played 51 games and the Sixers managed 49 wins and the #1 seed in the East.

Kyrie Irving stepped on the logo and completely altered the franchise forever. If Brad Stevens wants to prove his allegiance to the Celtics he should take out Kyrie.

Just 3 years ago we had reporters asking questions like this and now the Boston Celtics organization is in shambles!

The biggest loser in this has to be Indiana. Brad Stevens turned down $70 million to just decide to not coach at all.