Darius Slay’s response is exactly what I needed after the Joel Embiid news. What a hilarious response to Jay Cutler wanting half of his wife’s business and why shouldn’t he. If they divorced during his career she would’ve gotten half of his contract and endorsement money. Fair is fair. Just because she’s the bread winner now doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to the business she started when they were married. And I know people will argue she was rich from MTV, but she wasn’t rich rich. Jay Cutler earned over $127 million in his career. That’s rich. $90k an episode on The Hills couldn’t afford the rent on a 1 bedroom place in those same Hills. You don’t think Jay was floating her money for startup costs? They probably took that absurd 1 year/$10 million contract the Dolphins gave him to come out of retirement and used it to buy a diamond mine in Africa and pay for slave labor.

How fitting is it going to be when Kristin Cavallari’s own reality show is going to be used against her in court? Announcing to the world you don’t have a prenup. Exhibit A. Case dismissed.

Then again Jay Cutler could just buy the business, fire all the employees, burn it to the ground, light up a cigarette using the flames, and piss on the ashes if he really wanted to.