Joel Embiid is becoming the Allen Iverson injury graphic.

It’s almost laughable at this point what Sixers fans have had to endure throughout The Process. Two Embiid seasons taken and a ROY season. One Ben Simmons season. Their #1 overall pick forgetting how to shoot. Countless losing seasons to stockpile assets. The Colangelo burner debacle. The Kawhi Leonard shot. Embiid’s MVP season cut short. And now a small tear in Embiid’s meniscus that will force him to take every game day by day. BURN CAPITAL ONE ARENA TO THE GROUND!

There’s no news how they’re going to handle the situation other than physical therapy and treatment. Which means Joel Embiid’s leg will be amputated by sundown.

Is there going to be a minutes restriction? Will he sit out games for rest? Can the tear become something worse that effects him long term where he misses games next season?

Some good news from Kyle Neubeck (maybe?):

The theme for Philadelphia right now is wait-and-see. As of this moment, the Sixers can only say with certainty that Embiid has a small tear. Though it’s likely the injury may have happened during his fall in Monday’s Game 4 loss, sources close to the situation told PhillyVoice that the exact timing of the tear was unknown.

At the moment, it is too early to make a declaration on just what this means and how dire the consequences are for Philadelphia. In theory, a source close to the situation said, every possible outcome is on the table, ranging from the situation/knee worsening and the Sixers having to shut him down, or Embiid being able to play through the issue and help the team try to make their first push back to the Finals since 2001. The day-to-day label is in place as the team works to figure out a plan.

This tear obviously ain’t going nowhere. We could be looking at Embiid being shut down any day. It kind of just depends on how much he wants to push and how much the Sixers want to push him. If it happened before Monday that means he was playing with a tear and was playing at a superstar level. So maybe there’s a little positive spin on it?

And anyone going with the ‘next man up’ approach because they saw it happen with the Eagles is an idiot. Basketball doesn’t work like football. The NBA is all about star power and we saw what this team looked like when Joel Embiid went down on Monday. I know the ‘they went 7-3 without him’ crowd is going to come out of the woodwork but during those 10 games they played only 4 of the top 5 teams including LA without LeBron and lost those 3 games to the Bucks, Clips, and Nuggets. I think the Sixers can beat the Hawks or Knicks without Embiid but there is NO SHOT they can beat the Nets playing Dwight Howard or Mike Scott significant minutes. What a shitty break for Sixers fans and for Joel Embiid

oh yea and Coach K is retiring. who cares.