I don’t want to point any blame but this is all Finessa’s fault. You don’t post that picture unless you know 1,000,000% he’s playing. Why would she get all of Philadelphia’s hopes up? Now I’m starting to realize she’s probably the receptionist instead of a nurse. Couldn’t read an MRI from a BMI.

Good news though the last time Joel Embiid was doubtful for a playoff game? He actually played and put up a casual 30 & 15 with 5 blocks.

To be even a little bit serious this feels like the Sixers being precautionary. I’m pretty sure if this was Game 5 against the Nets in the ECF Embiid would probably be playing and there’s a chance he comes back in the game last night. But this is the Wizards who just lost Davis Bertans for the series and Doc Rivers will have a full 24 hours to gameplan knowing who is playing and who isn’t. In front of a sold out Wells Fargo Center ready to dump popcorn from the rafters as soon as the clock hits 0 and the Sixers advance. The Sixers are still -6 favorites too. I’m not worried about the Sixers finishing this game off tomorrow.