The Wooderboys partnered with The Groomsman Suit to give away a free suit to a lucky guy or girl who was in need of some fashion help. Nobody better deserving than Eddie! I gasped at the undershirt patterns when I first saw them. Let’s be honest though the tie game is STRONG! The bridesmaids at this wedding better keep their heads on a swivel when Eddie walks through those church doors. Dude’s not going to be able to eat the filet he requested because everyone’s going to want to know where he got his suit from!

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If you want to look as good as Eddie will book your appointment (in-person or virtually) with a Showroom Manager at The Groomsman Suit. All suits are under $200 to buy. That’s an INSANE price for the quality! Free beer. The Sixers love them. What more can you ask? You get a suit off the rack at Macys you’re starting at $375 and that thing ain’t coming back the same after one dry cleaning. Men’s Wearhouse charges you more to rent and makes you return the suit in 24 hours while you’re nursing a hangover. Don’t be an idiot, book with The Groomsman Suit today.


Hey Kyle,

I am getting married in May of 2022. I am nominating my buddy Eddie, who will be a groomsman. I can not have him show up to the wedding dressed how he is in the photographs attached. Eddie always thinks he is the best dressed man in the room, when in reality he needs some fashion help. He’s a service industry guy and obviously COVID has fucked a lot of things up. If there is any guy who deserves it…it’s Eddie. The guy would give you the shirt off of his back…I just don’t want it to be any of the ones he’s wearing in these photos. Please help this guy!

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