Zach Berman joined The Wooderboys Podcast [Spotify] [Apple] [Everywhere Else] to talk about the Eagles, coaching & QB situation and more.

Listen if you’re not going to listen to Gary or I at least listen to Zach Berman. Look at that background like he’s about to break the biggest news of his life on the 6pm Sportscenter. Schefter-esque background from the our guy.

Good thing there is nothing Zach Berman loves more than putting his GM hat on because we made him do the impossible. I think Zach nailed the current situation of the Eagles in this clip. The Eagles have no one to blame but themselves for getting into this mess. You want to get cute and draft a QB in the 2nd round when there are valuable pieces that could immediately help the team like Jeremy Chinn & AJ Epenesa you deserve the criticism. And maybe it was an insurance policy, but Howie Roseman’s “Quarterback Factory” comments and this interview on Marks & Reese say otherwise.

Yea Carson Wentz barely scraping the top-16 is a tough pill to swallow, but who says Nick Sirianni doesn’t propel him close to top 10. Sirianni and Frank Reich did a lot with little (Jacoby Brissett & Phil Rivers) and Sirianni himself has a history developing wide receivers into weapons. But if Nick Sirianni doesn’t believe in Carson Wentz to be in that upper half of good QB’s then at least there’s a huge market for him to be traded.

Whoever wins the QB job for the Eagles the backup has to go. Neither QB should have to look over their shoulder if they start to struggle. This fanbase doesn’t need another Foles vs. Wentz morphing into Wentz vs. Hurts. I don’t have many expectations for 2021 between the salary cap diminishing and the team. Reboot and let’s get back on track in 2022 when we have $40 million in cap space.