Nick Sirianni is a Ruff Ryder! Imagine a young Nick in the pit of a DMX concert screaming X Gon Give It To Ya in a tall tee and Yankees fitted in Buffalo. Just barking at his fellow Ruff Ryders as DMX is burning the stage down. I burnt through the It’s Dark and Hell is Hot CD in a month trying to learn how to ollie on my skateboard and had to buy another one. No lie 6 year old Kyle was mad at his parents for growing up in suburbia and not the rough inner city running around with my dogs on ATV’s and dirt bikes and just barking at people. My dad should’ve sent me to the hood like Leonard Washington on Trading Spouses.

There honestly wasn’t one wrong answer this guy gave in the clip. Texts easily over phone calls, nights over days because he’s burning the midnight oil figuring out ways to scheme against JJ Watt so 40 year old Phil Rivers doesn’t get killed, and it’s so on brand for a football guy not to know what rom-com means. How about the emotional intelligence of selecting rom-com over suspense though? You can’t just be a maniac all the time on the field you need a softer side to coach in today’s NFL. Especially when your current QB wants to be coddled and not challenged. How to Lose A Guy in 10 days is going to be the reason Nick Sirianni hoists a Super Bowl trophy one day. Btw – Batman over Superman every day of the week and no guilty pleasures means more time for film breakdown and nipping bad practice habits in the bud.

Updated Eagles Head Coaching Power Rankings:

  1. Nick Sirianni
  2. Josh McDaniels (he owes us)
  3. Duce Staley, Joe Brady, Arthur Smith, Robert Saleh, Eric Bienemiy, Brandon Staley, Doug Pederson