Last week I didn’t even know who Archie Bradley was. If you pointed at him and asked what does he do I’d say he just got back from storming the capitol not the next Phillies closer. But man I’m glad he’s not on any no fly lists because he’s ours now! If he’s not clamoring for the Phillies to #SignJT it’s wearing a Ric Flair Xmas sweater to his introductory press conference.

This dude loves to throw high 90s on the black right by you and then fight your whole god damn team.

He doesn’t care where he pitches he just wants to mow motherfuckers down and win.

And he’s the toughest SOB on this whole damn team. Can I get a hell yea?

Please don’t suck Archie because I don’t want to have to hate you. Ask Hector Neris how fun it is to be the Phillies closer lately. And if you get a chance can you throw up a #SignDidi some time today? Could really use a shortstop with power to bolster the lineup.